IcosaMed uses miniaturized transducers array to create detailed images through 3D ultrasound combined with AI picture recognition to create a unique smart clothing system that detect very early cancerous regions of the breast.

Working Principle

Embedded miniaturized echographic transducers in the underwear sends ultrasounds from multiple sources to create a 3D picture of inside the organ or tissue using sound reflections from the cells' density variation. The device accurately and safely detects and monitors potential cancerous cells at an early stage from the comfort of home.

Step 1

The user wears the bra regularly or when they chose. The bra sends an alert to a smartphone application if the user should wear it more frequently.

Step 2

When the smart bra is on, the embedded transducers bounce sound waves off the body. The sound’s amplitude and time required to travel through the body gives the software data to produce an accurate 3D image.

Step 3

An application reconstructs the 3D image of the breast and compares it with a large database of cases along with the user’s medical history to inform the user if a medical consultation is advisable.


For Patients

No pain, discomfort, or awkward examinations

Safe and convenient way to monitor cancer

Save money on expensive private screening solutions

For Physicians

Continuous, real-time follow-up

Identify and support high-risk population

Patients can deliver result directly to doctor

For Scientists

Streamlined data gathering process

Stronger epidemiology and medical vigilance

Larger amounts of structured and consistent data


There are three main methods for breast cancer monitoring: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT), and Ultra Sound (US). Ultra Sound doesn't require contrast agent, X-Ray exposure, or compression and enables better detection rate through higher image resolution.



Ultrasound Technology

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