Cancer is not an easy subject. We all have or have been exposed to that, whatever in our relatives, family or friends. This is the #1 health care concern today in the world. Detecting and preventing cancers through noninvasive methodology, using smart clothing (bra, underpants, body suite) connected and piloted with AI will save lives and will revolution the approach of oncology.


Why? For 2 reasons :

#1 There is no solution today for alternative cancer treatment on ambulatory. Only treatments (HIFUs) are available at the hospital and part of the standard of care 

#2 There is no solution for cancer prevention, even with hospital solutions 

Besides a standard activity in Life Science, working with us means contributing to fix this major public health issue. This is about passion and commitment


Join the team and help us to make it happen!

Max Boysset is the inventor and the founder of the company. Max is an industrial pharmacist with several successes in building activities, manufacturing sites and start-ups, in fife science sector, for Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device industries.