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Smart Bra For Breast Cancer Monitoring

Stress-free and affordable remote monitoring solution for at-risk and health conscious women


Accurate, convenient, and cost effective cancer monitoring solution is essential for reaching the 100% early detection goal. To do so we need a system to empower patients and health- conscious women with a monitoring device for personal use or remote connection with a medical doctor.

>62% breast cancer patients diagnosed after Stage I

Regular appointments to medical facilities required for screening

Pain or discomfort during the screening process


Embedded miniaturized echographic transducers in the underwear sends ultrasounds from multiple sources to create a 3D picture of inside the organ or tissue using sound reflections from the cells' density variation. The device accurately and safely detects and monitors potential cancerous cells at an early stage from the comfort of home.

Smart clothing icone

Smart Clothing

Early cancer detection and monitoring from home

Remote Monitoring

Mitigate hospital visits for routine screening

Ultrasound Technology

No radiation, compression, or contrast agents



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