IcosaMed is one of Switzerland’s leading start-ups in the Med Tech space with a mission to lower the rate of breast cancer occurrences to zero using smart clothing with 3D ultrasound automated monitoring technology.


IcosaMed's focus is to provide healthcare solutions using smart clothes and 3D ultrasound technology to monitor for cancer cells. The core of its work revolves around disrupting monitoring common methods for cancer using a simple, convenient, and affordable approach.

IcosaMed operates at the intersection of hardware, AI, SaaS, and clothing and uses existing proven ultrasound technology to help women at risk of breast cancer take control of their health. By simplifying and connecting existing technology, we’ve developed a solution that brings the accuracy and capabilities of a hospital-grade ultrasound device to a user’s home.


2019     -> IcosaMed's incorporation

              -> Patent filled (ultrasound usage in smart clothing)

2020     -> Technical partnerships

              -> Roadmap for future products

2021     -> Hire a president of the board

              -> Medical committee set-up

2022     -> Tech transfer partnership with a German Institute


Enable women having more control over their personal health via a proactive approach towards breast cancer monitoring combining accessibility, convenience, and simplicity. A wearable device with a premium look and feel that monitors for cancer while fitting in with their lifecycle.

Dr. Max Boysset

Founder and CEO

Inventor, entrepreneur, and industrial pharmacist, Max draws inspiration from the most difficult medical issues for the last 25 years. His expertise spans across the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device sectors while his business acumen has positioned established enterprises and start-ups for scalable growth.

Max Boysset, Founder and CEO of the Swiss MedTech Startup IcosaMed

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